Diaper Maintenance and Care

Some people wonder about what kind of care to give cloth diapers.  Here’s the low down:

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • No fabric softeners (in the wash or dry cycle)
  • Diaper rash creams not recommended (and not typically needed).  If you do use a diaper cream, I recommend California Baby,  I haven’t had any issues with buildup with this cream.

Laundering instructions:

  1. Knock any solids into toilet.
  2. Run through a cold or warm (not hot) rinse cycle (this gets rid of any gross stuff).
  3. Place two to four tablespoons of cloth-diaper safe laundry soap (I use Tide Original Powder) into load and run on a hot/cold setting.  Rinse until there are no more suds on top of the water during the agitation cycle (could take a few rinses).
  4. Line dry to preserve waterproof layer.  Consistent dryer use cuts the life of the diaper in half.  Drying inserts on high heat is fine.

Wash before first use.  It’s normal to see a few stray strings to trim after the first few washes.  May take up to 5 washes before full absorbency is reached for microfiber inserts.

Microfiber inserts can be doubled for naps or overnight.  It’s important to always put the inserts into the pocket opening rather than letting them touch baby’s skin, as they will dry out baby’s skin.

With proper use and care, these diapers will last birth to potty training, and even through multiple children.  Leg elastic is easy to replace and requires no sewing.  Front and back elastic is also easy to replace.  Elastic is typically the first thing to wear out, typically after a year or two of continuous use.

For itty bitty newborns and small tummy sleepers, the snap flaps may need to be folded back on themselves after snapping to assure that the liquid has access to the absorbent inserts.

Don’t forget that my diapers come with a warranty!  Check out my warranty and registration page for more information.  If you have any questions about your diapers, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I’d love to help.


3 comments on “Diaper Maintenance and Care

    • Sarah, the leg elastic is buttonhole elastic held on by buttons, so it’s almost infinitely sizable. When it’s time to replace it, you simply hook a new strip of elastic to the old with a safety pin and pull it through the diaper! Very simple.

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