Why My Diapers?


What makes my diapers so special?  Basically, I put together a ton of features you just can’t buy anywhere else.  That’s what inspired me to sew them in the first place!

    • I make them to be ‘one size fits birth to potty training.’
    • I have intentionally made the diapers to be very trim for a one size cloth diaper; they have a belly scoop in front so pants are easily worn over them, and the width between the legs is kept narrow for ease of movement.
    • They are adjustable at the leg, hip, and waist so you can fit them to your baby’s specific body type.
    • For itty bitty newborns and small tummy sleepers, the snap flaps may need to be folded back on themselves after snapping to assure that the liquid has access to the absorbent inserts.
    • They come with 2 inserts.  The large insert is sizable and fits from birth to potty training.  They also come with a doubler to add extra absorbency when and where needed.
    • Inserts are flat and dry quickly, saving you precious time and money on your energy bill.
    • The outer fabric is completely waterproof but it’s thin enough that it allows air to get to the baby’s bottom, which reduces diaper rash.
    • The inner fabric (the stuff that touches baby’s skin) is soft and thin; it wicks moisture away from the baby’s bottom to the soaker layer, so the baby always has a ‘dry’ feeling, which also reduces diaper rash and generally keeps them comfortable.
    • They have snap closures so there is no messing with aplix (also commonly called “Velcro©”) which gets nasty in washes and after about 7 months of constant use needs to be replaced because it stops sticking well enough to hold up the diaper.
    • Snaps also mean that it is much harder for the baby to get the diaper off himself.
    • They have a ‘sleeve’ pocket design, meaning that you can stuff them with as many inserts as you need, but you do not need to remove the inserts; they come out in the wash on their own.  We all know why it’s nice not to have to touch those inserts after they’re used!
    • The leg elastic, which is the quickest to wear out, is completely replaceable with no sewing involved.
    • The back and front elastic are easy to replace with minimal sewing skills.  (Front and back elastic need to be replaced less frequently.)
    • Front elastic is especially useful for belly sleepers.
    • The snaps are side snaps.  This allows for the diapers to become training pants when it’s potty training time.  You simply put the diaper on without an insert so they ‘feel wet’ when they go to the bathroom in them.  They can also be pulled up/down like training pants if you put them on semi-loosely with no insert.
    • I believe in my product.  I use it on my children and always look for ways to improve the design.  I welcome feedback.
    • I guarantee that with proper use, the materials and workmanship will last for at least 1 year.  If in that time something goes wrong, I will repair or replace the product at no cost to you.
    • I do repair and replace elastic as necessary, with a small fee to you, after 1 year.
  • These diapers can be used as swim diapers – just put them on tightly without an insert before the baby goes into the pool and they will catch any ‘mess’ the baby dishes while swimming.



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