You can find all of my current items for sale, including the Ultimate Pocket cloth diapers, wipes, inserts, and newborn diapers by visiting my Etsy shop.


Diapers on the Line

If you’d like me to make you a set of my ultimate pocket cloth diapers, I’d be more than happy to.

  • Each diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts.  One can be sized from birth to potty training, and the other is a doubler that can add extra absorbency when and where needed.
  • Diapers can be bought individually for $22 each.
  • If you buy them in a set, they are discounted.
    • A set of 12 is $258 (21.50 each),
    • A set of 24 is $504 ($21.00 each), and
    • A set of 36 is $720 ($20.00 each).

Options include your choice between solid colors, fun prints, and colorful snaps if you order 6 or more diapers.  Ask me for details!

I also do payment plans for the sets.  You can give me half down, then pay monthly until they are paid off.  You receive the diapers at the end of your payment schedule.

It takes me about two months to complete a set, depending on how many orders I have at the time.

Check out my “Why My Diapers?” page for warranty information!


I recommend cloth wipes to go with cloth diapers.  I can sew you a set of 6 for $6.  I would recommend about 24 wipes.

Cloth Wipes Features:

  • Sewn to fit wipes warmers and tubs (8″ x 4″).
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • No chemicals.
  • Throw in pail and wash with your diapers.


Newborn fitted diapers are completely separate from the Ultimate design, which is designed to fit from birth to potty training.

Why buy newborn fitted diapers when the Ultimate diapers will work?  Because newborns use more diapers in a day than older babies, so it’s nice to have a few extra diapers as supplement so you don’t need to do as much wash.

Features of the newborn fitted diapers:

  • They have waste and thigh snaps for adjustable fit.
  • They and are all-in-one (soaker layer sewn into the diaper) and very small, to fit a baby that is between 7-13 pounds.
  • They have an umbilical cord snap so they do not rub or irritate your newborn’s umbilical cord.
  • They are much trimmer than the Ultimate all in one size diapers, so your newborn has a less bulky bum.

These diapers are $15 each or you can buy a set of 12 for $144 ($12 each).

These diapers are sewn based on the Darling Diapers free newborn pattern.  I have put together a tutorial for sewing these yourself, and you can view it on the Darling Diapers Newborn Fitted Sewing Tutorial page.

If you’re interested in purchasing some diapers or have any questions, please feel free to fill out the form below or contact me at jessiesdiapers@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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